Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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  1. Title 2
  2. Title 3
  3. Title 4
  4. Title 7
  5. Title 9
  6. Title 10
  7. Title 11
  1. Ages 4 and Up
    The classes here at Maracaba BJJ are designed to reach the understanding of our youngest students to our oldest. All instruction contains the same basic BJJ Fundamentals no matter the age or experience level. This works extremely well, whether one is new or an advanced member of our team. Coach Andre has found a teaching method that translates perfectly to the youngsters all the way up.
  2. All abilities welcome
    The Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brings techniques that involve submissions, take downs, escapes, and defense. All ability levels learn how to move and control their body to their own advantages. Each individual learning how to use and manipulate their strengths and weaknesses. This helps improve upon the coordination, strengths, fitness, athleticism while controlling their weakness. All by using self-control and discipline no matter the physical limitations.
  3. Boys & Girls
    Boys and Girls train in the same class. This provides many benefits within the course that goes beyond Jiu-Jitsu. The introduction of how girls/boys learn to stand up to bullies, learning how to respect and how to treat each other. Respect and discipline are always a constant theme during jiu-jitsu training.
  4. Team Spirit
    Our team spirit is so much more than willingness to cooperate as part of a team. Everyone treats each other as family, by helping, learning, teaching, and growing together. Everyone enjoys watching each other improve and continually grow along the way. Here at Maracaba BJJ we are family and we pride ourselves on being there for one another, whether it's just training or cheering each other on at the tournaments.